VIDEO: BlackBerry PlayBook vs Apple iPad in browser battle

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The gloves are most definately off in the battle of the tablets now, as RIM prepare to launch their BlackBerry PlayBook device with this side-by-side comparison against Apple’s iPad.

Showing off Flash support, interesting HTML5 facts and Javascript details, RIM are on confident form here when discussing the PlayBook. It indeed looks a pretty smooth web browsing experience, but we’re still sceptical on how the 7 inch device will hold out as a whole when under extended scrutiny. The whole Flash argument is a fair, if overused, selling point against the iPad, but there’s still no denying the popularity and genuinely silky quality of the iPad experience.

Will RIM’s pride come before a fall? We’ll withold our judgement of the PlayBook until we’ve put it through its paces when it launches early next year.

Get the lowdown on what the BlackBerry PlayBook has to offer by clicking here.

Gerald Lynch
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  • Hi Gerald,

    Great to see you liked our video. We’re aware that consumers want a fast and reliable web browsing experience along with better HTML5 support and performance. Plus, our support for Flash means a tangibly better experience that we’ll be showing in more depth in future videos.


    Alex from RIM

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