App Store Round-Up – Astro Ranch, Independent Games, a Sat-Nav showcase and more!

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This weeks lastest selection of apps for Apple's iPhone features a comprehensive premium F1 app, a space age take on Farmville with Astro Ranch and a bit of historical intrigue with the Wolf Hall e-book, which also features video commentary…

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Elonex introduces the eBook in partnership with Borders

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Elonex has teamed up with bookshop giant Borders to launch the eBook. Or the eBook 600EB to give it its full title.

The partnership with Borders means that the eBook comes pre-loaded with 100 “all-time classics”. Presumably Napper Goes For Goal is one of the classics included – it is the greatest story ever told. The Borders’ e-book store has an additional 45,000 titles available to download.

The eBook is only 9mm thick and weighs just 180g. It has a 6-inch e-ink screen which can display eight different font sizes. It also has an SD card slot which can support up to 4GB. Elonex sells an accessory pack for the eBook for £29 which has a 4GB card as well as a leather case. Alternatively just buy a 4GB SD card from for £6.49.

Elonex states that, with a 4GB SD card in place, the eBook can hold 8,000 books. “With 8,000 books weighing the same as an elephant,” they say. “How else are you going to fit 8,000 books in your suitcase?” Quite why you’d need 8,000 books on you is open to debate though. Surely only Holly from Red Dwarf and, perhaps, Will Self have read 8,000 books.

Sorry if this post came off a little unenthusiastic, it’s just that with every e-book release, the giant Kindle sized hole in the UK becomes even more apparent.

The Elonex eBook will cost you £189.95 and will be available here very soon.

(via T3)

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MWC 2008: Hands on with the Readius rollable e-ink phone

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It was at last year’s 3GSM show in Barcelona that we first clapped eyes on Polymer Vision’s Readius e-book display. The show’s name may have changed to Mobile World Congress, but Polymer Vision was still there this year, showing the latest version of the device, which is now a fully-fledged mobile phone, as we recently reported.

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Linux-based WizPy plays MP3s and videos, offers web browsing, e-book reading, VoIP…

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A Linux post so soon after the other one this morning? Blame the ASUS eee PC, which has brought the OS from geeks’ bedrooms into the mainstream public eye.

This WizPy device is a music and movie player, and also records audio, plays FM radio, offers web browsing capabilities, e-book reading, and…

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Opinion: What Amazon Kindle needs is… interactive book groups

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kindle-column.jpgSo, Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader is finally on sale, and although there’s been a mixed reaction from journalists and users alike, Amazon has still won plaudits for the focused way it’s entered the market.

The key thing to remember is that Kindle is a first-generation device, so there’s scope for firmware updates to bring new features, as well as future models that’ll solve the flaws and introduce new functionality.

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Amazon's reviewers give Kindle e-book reader just two out of five stars

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Oh dear. Just three days after it launched, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader has been slated across the internet, and even on its very own sale page on the Amazon store. Seems their reader-submitted reviews have turned around and bitten them on their bums.

Just 2.5/5, for the $399 device which has seen 503 Amazon users leaving their thoughts on the page, with at…

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