The Global Reader is the latest attempt to put e-books on phones

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Dedicated e-book readers like Amazon’s Kindle are one thing, but reading books on your mobile phone? It’s a dubious idea. The screen’s just too small to comfortably read that many words in one go. However, several firms have tried, with the latest being Macmillan Publishing Solutions.

It’s launched a service called The Global Reader, in partnership with mobile firms Bango and Fli Digital. It lets you buy and read books, magazines and newspapers on your phone, via a WAP-based interface. Founder Bob Kasher says it’s more for reading a couple of chapters of a book on the go than huge swathes of reading: “We never envisioned people would want to read War and Peace on their phones,” he says.

Everything I could find on the site was free, but when the site charges for e-books, you’ll be able to pay via your phone bill, credit card or PayPal. To check it out, point your mobile browser to and start browsing.

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  • has been offering free books packaged for phones for a while now. I’ve read many of them and found that after a short adjustment period the small screen size was not really an issue and the portability was fantastic.

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