Adobe announces new mobile apps as part of its “Creative Cloud”

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Adobe is getting serious about mobile and has today announced plans for a tonne of new mobile apps that will work with its "Creative Cloud" products - like Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere. Here's what's new: Photoshop Sketch (sounds like a drawing app) Photoshop Mix (mobile compositing of images) Lightroom Mobile (a mobile version of the…

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Creative Airwave HD speaker series offers NFC wireless music playback, 7+ hours battery

Gerald Lynch Hi-Fi Systems, Home audio, Tech Digest news 4 Comments

Creative Labs want to be at the centre of your picnic party this summer, toady revealing a new line of wireless speakers. Both the Creative Airwave HD and Airwave speakers offer NFC connectivity, allowing music fans to pair their NFC-enabled…

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Creative launches Vado HD pocket camcorder in the UK

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Creative has finally brought the high definition follow-up to its Vado pocket camcorder to the UK.

The Vado HD offers 720p filming at an unspecified frame rate (though to be true 720p it needs to be at least 24fps – it’s probably 30fps) as well as VGA (YouTube friendly) recording at 30fps.

It’s constructed using a wide-angle glass lens and comes with a 2x digital zoom (yes, digital: pixellation city here we come). Its 8GB of onboard memory should let you shoot around two hours of HD footage, or eight hours at 640×480/30fps…

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NOISE GATE: Wi-Fi enabled MP3 Players

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From today, I’ll be contributing a new weekly column to the site every Tuesday afternoon about digital music. We’re calling it Noise Gate – which refers to an electronic device that cuts through the noise and crackle of an analog signal and delivers you a noise-free result. In the same way, I want to cut through all the crap surrounding digital music, mainly delivered by major labels and tech companies, and deliver you the pure, unadulterated facts. Think you can handle them?

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Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! sounds pretty sound.

James O'Malley Gadgets 2 Comments


Believe it or not, the USB device pictured is actually a sound card. The Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Go! (the exclamation mark is actually part of the name, depressingly) is designed to give laptop gamers “ultra-realistic” headphone surround sound. Now you can experiencing a harrowing and bleak war zone scenario when on the train too….

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IFA 2008: Creative lines up three GigaWorks models – T3, T20 and T40

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Lucy Hedges writes…

Creative announced the launch of three GigaWorks speaker systems today – the GigaWorks T20 Series II, GigaWorks T40 Series II and the GigaWorks T3. Based on the huge paragraph dedicated to the T3 and the 2 lines allocated to the T20 and T40 in the press release, it’s fair to say the T3 is the one Creative really wants to grab your attention with. Not to stand in the way of the intentions of a press release, it’s the T3 up first. Looking like an impressive piece of kit, the T3 is a 2.1 speaker, combining innovative design with what Creative are calling ‘the best audio components and state-of-the-art technologies’, to deliver a sound that’ll raise your listening experience to a whole new level of fantastic-ness and produce a sound any audiophile would be proud of…

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Creative to roll out art-inspired ZEN Mozaic media players

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Elegance, simplicity, functionality, subtlety. These are words that you might use to describe a certainly overwhelming popular portable music player. That poses a problem for rival manufacturers who now have to slash a few of those adjectives off their list or risk just being complete clones.

Creative has the spirit though, it’s eschewed elegance and subtlety in favour of a new bold, tiled design obviously inspired either by the Dorchester Roman town house or the sight of a chess board falling into a Battenberg cake mix. Creative wouldn’t be the first though.

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