Adobe announces new mobile apps as part of its “Creative Cloud”

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Adobe is getting serious about mobile and has today announced plans for a tonne of new mobile apps that will work with its “Creative Cloud” products – like Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere.


Here’s what’s new:

  • Photoshop Sketch (sounds like a drawing app)
  • Photoshop Mix (mobile compositing of images)
  • Lightroom Mobile (a mobile version of the desktop photo management/tweaking software)
  • Illustrator Draw (for vector drawing)
  • Illustrator Line (a precision drawing app)
  • Adobe Premiere Clip (sounds like a rival for mobile iMovie)
  • Adobe Brush CC (design new brushes for photoshop – including the ability to turn photos into brushes)
  • Adobe Shape CC (turn a photo into a vector image for photoshop and the like – sounds like it could be very interesting indeed)
  • Adobe Colour CC (and a colour picker for “capturing colours”).

All of the apps will work with the creative cloud, which should mean that when you save stuff it will save them across devices – meaning that it should be easy to shoot an image, turn it into a vector drawing and have it show up on your desktop copy of Photoshop to play with.

At the moment the apps only appear to be available for iOS – we’ll let you know if they make it over to Android.

James O’Malley
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