5 budget tablets for under £150 – alternatives to the Tesco Hudl 2

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Pic from here.
Pic from here.

The Tesco Hudl 2 has been announced and is a great machine for the price… but what about the alternatives? If you’re looking for a tablet and don’t want to spend big, how about taking a look at these options?


Gemini GEM7007 Refurbished – £49.99


Here’s an ultra low-budget option to get us started. The Gemini GEM7007 is only fifty quid refurbished and whilst cheap, it sounds like it will get the job done – as long as you don’t need to do anything too taxing.

Additionally, if you have an old broken phone and you neither want to upgrade nor repurposed, then you can sell the old broken phone. By doing this too, you can add money to your pocket for a tablet. 

With a 7″ screen, dual core processor, 4GB storage and 512mb of RAM, the Samsung Tab needn’t worry – but the Gemini still runs a relatively new version of Android (Jelly Bean) and has access to all of the Google Play apps and services you may need. Perhaps most interestingly, it has an HDMI out, which might make it a cheap device to get your content on the TV.

Archos 70 Xenon – £119.99


The Archos 70 Xenon is slightly pricier, at £120 and whilst similarly spec’d to the Gemini does come with one big plus: Built in support for a 3G SIM card, so you can stay connected wherever you go, without the need to tether to your phone.

Like the Gemini, it too runs Android Jelly Bean, but has 8GB on board rather than just 4 – and is expandable up to 64GB with a micro-SD card.


Acer Iconia A1-830 Tablet – £139.95


The Acer Iconia is a little pricier again – at £139.95 from John Lewis. It has 1GB of RAM on board, 16GB storage and a 1.6ghz Dual-core Intel Atom Z2560 processor. Better still, it has a slightly larger screen at 7.9″ and runs at 1024×768 – so almost but not quite 720p HD. The rear camera is a not-bad 5MP, and the font-facing camera is a not-bad 2MP too.

Also for the fashion-conscious, this tablet looks slightly classier than many others – boasting a metal exterior instead of plastic.

Hisense Sero 8 Tablet – £69.99


If you want an 8″ tablet, the Hisense Sero 8 might be good option. This runs the latest version of Android, KitKat – and will set you back only £70. Inside there’s a 1.6ghz quadcore processor, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. The cameras are a bit lacklustre – 2MP on the back and 0.3MP on the front, but it makes up for it with the screen which runs at 1280×800 resolution, so you’ll at least get 720p HD out of it.


Zoostorm PlayTab PC – £79.98


Finally if you want a big tablet, then check out the 10.1″ Zoostorm PlayTab – which is only £80. It’s running Jelly Bean (rather than KitKat), and has 16GB of storage so isn’t the most powerful machine – but if you want a big screen for watching video, this is the one to go for.


James O’Malley
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