Transparent toaster which allows you to watch your toast burn

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alt=”toasterprototype.jpg” src=”” width=”200″ height=”200″ /> I’ve only just discovered the joys of clear-glass tea cups, allowing you to see the sugar dissolve and water turn brown with the stir of a tea-spoon. Yes, I’m about twenty years late on this one.

But thankfully Shiny Shiny has saved me from being in the dark about transparent toasters. That’s right – you can watch the toaster work its magic on the bread…

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Forest fire fighting beetle-like robots in development

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ole_forest_fire_fighting_robot_concept.jpgRobots are often developed to do highly unappealing, dangerous jobs, and these beetle-like bots in development by boffins at the University of Madgeburg-Stendal in Germany are no exception.

Their primary purpose in life is to fight forest fires.

Officially called OLE, they could theoretically run at 20-30 kmh, feature ceramic coating to protect them from temperatures of up to 1,300 degrees Celcius, and are able to retract their legs when they sense danger (like being barbecued, for example).

A team of 30 of these concept robots could cover an area of forest as large as 4,400 square miles. Unfortunately, they don’t currently exist, and there’s no clue yet when, or if, they will.

I don’t know what OLE stands for, but it’s probably in German. Any ideas?

(Via Bot Junkie)

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Sony Panoramic Digital Camera concept: will it work?

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Sony has mocked up the concept of an automatic panoramic digital camera, designed by Hye-Jeong Yang.

In principle, it works by setting it on a level surface, angling it, and then letting it rotate through 360 degrees to take the panoramic photograph.

In theory, it can store pics and video to a memory card – but of course a concept can do anything.

More importantly is whether it will actually work. One commenter claims that “If it is designed to make panoramas then it should spin around the nodal point (well entrance pupil) of the lens to avoid parallax. Unless I’m missing something then this design is inherently flawed.”

The design doesn’t look quite right to me, though it’s a great concept. What do you reckon? Additionally, as there’s no real model, there are no sample photo either. Guess we’ll have to still to tripod and stitching software for the moment.

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Zaha Hadid's futuristic broom-broom-brooming towards the Guggenheim Museum

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Ok, forget the electricity-powered Toyota I mentioned the other day, this baby is my new dream car. For, you know, when I marry one of the Jetsons and can fly and food comes in little colour-coded pills.

Currently only a prototype winging its way to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City shortly, it was designed by architect Zaha Hadid…

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