A "high concept" media player


flashlight_mp3-player.jpgOf course, in the tech blogging scene, “high concept” is slang for “practically unusable and very unlikely to ever come out this side of Korea”.

This high-concept MP3 player from Chinese designer Can-Hong Huang (yes he can!) is torch-like in design, with a pleasing round docking base. The base has a pair of speakers in it, and although the headphones look a little bit harsh, they are at least wireless so there’s a chance of finding a comfortable way of wedging them in.

We’re not sure why you might need an MP3 player that could pass as a torch, though. Unless, perhaps, in China it’s illegal to own an MP3 player due to state restrictions on having fun, while owning a torch singles you out as a hard-working citizen who toils late into the night for the benefit of the nation.

The player is controlled by twisting it, with the torch-like bit capable of projecting photos and the operating system on a wall. Which will really annoy Mr Simpson in tomorrow’s German class.

Via (Yanko Design)

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