Has long awaited PS3 game "The Last Guardian" been cancelled? Trademark loss suggests so…

Gerald Lynch Gaming, Tech Digest news 2 Comments

Few games during this console generation have been as hotly anticipated or talked about than Team ICO's The Last Guardian. From the developers of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, two of the PS2's most well-loved titles, The Last Guardian…

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HP give up on Windows 7 tablet project

Gerald Lynch Microsoft, Tablet, Tech Digest news Leave a Comment

Hewlett-Packard are thought to have terminated work on the Windows 7 tablet project, just months after it was unveiled by Microsoft with great fanfare at CES 2010. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had spoke highly of the promise of the…

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Samsung pulls plug on BD-UP5500 dual-format high definition player

Andy Merrett Blu-ray, HD DVD Leave a Comment


Samsung has announced that they won’t be releasing their second-generation HD DVD / Blu-ray combo player — the BD-UP5500 — after all.

Though Samsung have already said they favour Blu-ray, this is the first solid announcement that they’re no longer pushing their hybrid players.

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CES 2008: HD DVD camp cancels their press conference in wake of Warner Blu-ray exclusive

Katherine Hannaford CES 2008, Gadget Shows, HD DVD, Home cinema, Top stories 2 Comments


Massive news has just come in concerning the future of HD DVD, related to this afternoon’s announcement about film studio Warner going Blu-ray exclusive. Prepare yourselves, as this is Kleenex worthy. I’ve been sobbing uncontrollably the last half an hour since discovering this disaster.

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