HP give up on Windows 7 tablet project

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Hewlett-Packard are thought to have terminated work on the Windows 7 tablet project, just months after it was unveiled by Microsoft with great fanfare at CES 2010.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had spoke highly of the promise of the Windows 7 OS paired with HP’s tablet hardware back in January. But according to a source, it now looks like HP are dissatisfied with Windows 7’s ability to perform on a tablet device.

Rumour also has it that HP are abandoning Intel-based hardware in the slate line-up due to its large power consumption. This too would mark the end of any plans to have the tablet running Windows 7 as an operating system.

HP are now expected to push on with proposed Android tablets, as well as WebOS devices following the high-profile acquisition of Palm.

Via: Tech Crunch

Gerald Lynch
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