VIDEO: Top 5 CES 2011 TV tech

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CES 2011 how wondrous your goggleboxes were! From connected sets to mad 3D visors, the show threw up a load of new displays that Tech Digest would kill to have at home. We've pulled together our five favourite bits of…

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Review: Sharp Aquos Quattron HDTV

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Name: LC-46LE820E Aquos Quattron (Sharp) Type: 46" LCD LED Backlit HD TV Specs: Contrast Ratio: 6,000,000 :1 Resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080p) Connectivity:4x HDMI, 1x VGA, 1x USB, 1x Scart, Composite adaptor Speakers: 2x 10 watts speakers Dimensions:…

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Top 5 HD TVs for watching the World Cup on

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With the World Cup 2010 finals in South Africa just around the corner, there's no better time than now to upgrade your TV. If you've been holding out to make the jump from a standard definition telly to a HD…

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Sharp launch Aquos LED LCD TV series with Quad Pixel Technology

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Sharp have today launched their new range of Aquos LED LCD TVs. While most of the industry's energies right now are going into the big 3D push, Sharp are looking to refine the current HD standards by pioneering a new…

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Sharp goes LED with the LE600 and LE700 TVs

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Sharp has unveiled its first LED TVs in London today and about time too. From what I’ve seen this afternoon, though, they appear to be worth waiting for. There’s two ranges to choose from, the LE600 and LE700, both AQUOS sets, and they come in 32″, 40″ and 46″ sizes. There’s a bonus 52″ if you opt for the 700.

As you’d expect, the contrast is staggering compared to an LCD with hundreds of double-domed light amplifier lenses and multi-flourescents dotting bright colours against a very black background and little to no light spill at all.

The AQUOUS Colour Engine is designed to add richness to the palate and the Full HD 1080p X-Gen panel should allow for a clearer, uninterrupted transmission of the light. That’s the idea, anyway. I can certainly confirm that, on first look, the picture was a darn sight better than a standard LCD.

They start at £750 for the 32″ LE600 but that’s without the 100Hz frame rate and 4ms response time you get in the LE700 range. Expect to break well into the thousands if that’s a sticking point for you.

All models have two 10W speakers, four HDMI 1.3 ports and a USB socket as well. The green among you can also relax as they only use up 0.01W in standby mode and are said to consume around 40% less power than “traditional LCDs” whatever they are.

They’ll be appearing on the shelves any day now and certainly worth a look if you like your AV clean and crisp.


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Sharp intros new 46-inch AQUOS HDTV and Blu-ray player

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Sharp has added another size to its range of D65 high definition LCD TVs. The 46 inch version, the largest yet released, features a full 1080p panel, 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 450cd/m2 brightness, and a reasonable 6ms response time.

Three HDMI inputs will enable you to connect up all your high-def gear, and there’s a built-in Freeview digital tuner plus two SCART ports for connecting other equipment and a USB slot for memory sticks or cameras.

Featuring two 10W speakers, the set shouldn’t embarrass itself if you don’t plan on hooking it up to an audio system. Sound features include automatic volume control and clear voice technology…

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Sharp's 108-inch LCD TV finally launched

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At CES last year (2007), Sharp unveiled its 108-inch LCD TV. As far as I’m aware, despite it being nearly two years since the show, it’s still the largest LCD TV in production (yes, there are larger plasmas) — and now it’s been launched.

This monster comes with eco-friendly features, according to reports, though I bet it burns a helluva lot more fossil fuels up per hour than your piddly little flat-panel TV…

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Sharp claims world first: HDTVs with integrated Blu-ray recorders

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Sharp will launch a range of high definition LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray recorders in the Japanese market next month, claiming a world first.

While it’s not uncommon to see flat panel TVs with built in DVD and Blu-ray players, this is the first time a Blu-ray recorder has been added to a production TV.

The AQUOS DX range will come in a range of screen sizes from 26- right up to 52-inch, all full 1080p high definition, and ranging in price from around £1,100 to £2,900 (at current Yen to UK pound exchange rate). Though the integrated drive will allow playback of Blu-ray, and recording TV programmes directly to disc, there won’t be a built-in hard drive — so no DVR functionality…

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IFA 2008: Sharp launches super-thin AQUOS XS1 and premium AQUOS D65E HDTVs

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It’s not just Sony playing the thin TV game, with Sharp announcing its latest AQUOS LCD TV boasting 2.3cms thick body.

Available in 52 and 65-inch screen sizes, the XS1 series features advanced contrast ratio of 10,000:1, 6ms response time, detachable speaker system, five 2.1-channel speakers, and 100Hz picture enhancement technology, plus gallery mode for displaying photos from a USB stick…

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