Sharp launch Aquos LED LCD TV series with Quad Pixel Technology

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aquos LE920.jpg
Sharp have today launched their new range of Aquos LED LCD TVs. While most of the industry’s energies right now are going into the big 3D push, Sharp are looking to refine the current HD standards by pioneering a new Quad Pixel technology, which adds a forth colour sub-pixel, yellow, to the traditional red, green, blue format.

What this means for the layman is that billions upon billions of colours can now be displayed, making in theory for a far more realistic colour palette.

Three models are available; the LC-LE811E, LC-LE821E and LC-LE921E sets ranging in size from 40 to 46 inches, while the LC-LE920 model is 60 inches in size.

While each set features robust energy saving technology and built-in Freeview HD, the flagship LC-LE921E will also have E-motion 200 Hz tech built in too, retaining clarity in fast moving images.

No prices or availability details knocking around yet, but it’s good to see innovative new 2D TV tech hasn’t been swept away by the 3D wave.

Gerald Lynch
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