Microsoft to release Android "Lumia" phones?

Rumours this morning are suggesting that Microsoft could be planning a big shift in its strategy with the release of Lumia-branded devices that run Android rather than the company's own Windows Phone operating system. The reason the rumours should be…

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James O'MalleyMicrosoft to release Android "Lumia" phones?

The Upgrade Culture

Every new iPhone, HTC and Samsung release creates a rush of users who need to have the latest handset. Android users, who are still under contract, sometimes stick with their devices, but flash the latest flavour of the operating system,…

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James O'MalleyThe Upgrade Culture

5 Takeaways from GoogleIO

We're still reeling from last night's Google IO keynote event, in which the company unveiled several new products and tried to bore us to death with live, on-stage Java debugging. You can read about all the new gear here, but…

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James O'Malley5 Takeaways from GoogleIO