Top 10 Tuesday: Christmas Stocking fillers – gifts for under £10

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Buying the big Christmas presents is easy but, buying big is buying yourself into a hole. It’s a rookie move. Quantity my friends, not quality. “Look at all the presents I got for Christmas,” is a familiar cry but who’s pleased with just the one? Stocking fillers, my friends, that’s what it’s all about – buy cheap and buy in bulk. Pad out your poverty.

So, here for your enjoyment, no, for your necessity in Christmas survival is the Top Ten Christmas stocking fillers. Buy them for your kids, buy them for your partner and buy them as the cheapest secret Santa presents that a handful of coppers can buy. Every one under a tenner. Enjoy, and don’t forget to click on the image below to begin.

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By Daniel Sung | November 25th, 2008

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