Top 10 Tuesday: James Bond Gadgets

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If ever there were person who loved their gadgets, it would be James Bond. And, with the cinema release of the Quantum of Solace a few weeks back, it seemed appropriate, no, it seemed a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours to compile a top ten Bond gadgets of all time.

The only trouble is that in my absence, this post I lovingly put together was overlooked and lay untouched and lost like a whopping nugget of gold in the depths of the Earth. Worse still, I got back to find that Duncan had put together his top five Bond gadgets instead, which did not in any way agree with my feelings on best of Q division.

Thankfully, this weekend saw the opening of the Quantum of Solace in North America and it’ll be premiering down under any minute now, so I’d say it was still topical.

So after pouring through the last 22 films and years of childhood memories, it’s my great pleasure to indeed bring you the official Tech Digest Top 10 James Bond gadgets of all time. Click the image below to begin

P.S. The 22 Bond films mentioned include Never Say Never Again but not the original Casino Royale, just in case there was any confusion.

Or nitpicking.

Daniel Sung
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