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Michael Jackson's company squashes rumours regarding the Beatles' availability on iTunes

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michael-jackson-playmobil.jpgMichael Jackson, aka, the world's biggest spoil-sport, has apparently put his foot down over The Beatles' music being made available on iTunes in the future, with a spokeswoman for Sony/AVT Music Publishing (the company that co-owns the publishing rights with Jackson) claiming yesterday's rumours are "untrue", reinforced by an Apple representative stating "this is not news nor is it a scoop".

Claims regarding the payment Apple would shell out for the privilege of selling the British band's tracks is in the region of $600 million, with speculators adding that they'd need to sell 1.8 billion Beatles songs to break even, due to Apple pocketing 33 cents for every song sold.

No skin off our noses obviously - it just means we're back to BitTorrent if we want to download some Beatles tunes, with better bitrates, too.

(via, image via Flickr)

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  • Hahahaha, Jason, I didn't even mean the 'nose' remark to be a pun - it's just a well known saying. Gosh, I feel quite hilarious now!

  • Jason

    Let me guess is that why your taking cheap shots at him by putting that pic up and the 'nose' thing?

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