Gameloft embracing iPhone gaming – has 15 on the go

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gameloft-iphone-bubble-bash.jpgThe fallout from the earth-shattering iPhone SDK revelations continue, with independent developer Gameloft revealing its iGaming plans.

And it has a lot of plans. 15 plans. 15 plans for 15 separate iPhone games scheduled for 2008 – but the only one confirmed so far is Bubble Bash there.

Gameloft’s been pushing mobile phone gaming for years and must be gagging to get hold of and use the extra power of iPhone, not to mention the willing and keen-to-experiment iPhone community. If anyone’s going to be bothered to go through the hassle of getting a mobile game on their phone and working, it’s an iPhone user.

Although Gameloft’s been doing a great job of convincing phone owners to try out mobile gaming – it apparently sells over 200,000 mobile games every day around the world. A select few of Gameloft’s games will appear on iPhone alongside the iPhone App Store, which is down for arrival in June.

(Via iPhonic)

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