Apple to be sued over iPhone web browser because it makes pages smaller


Hey look, it’s another lawsuit! This time, EMG Technology LLC (a company of one) is suing the iPhone manufacturer because it allegedly infringes a patent for the way that it displays web sites on the mobile’s screen.

It’s not entirely clear what Apple is supposed to have infringed, because the iPhone’s web browser is based on Safari (which has been available on the Mac for years), and effectively displays a scaled-down version of each web page (sans Flash and Java, of course) which can then be manipulated by the user using the multi-touch interface.

If anything, the mobile version of Safari appears to do very little to the original web page — that’s the whole point and it’s what Apple has been banging on about since the iPhone was launched. It’s other mobile phone manufacturers that are more likely to have browsers that manipulate the page in order to make it more readable on their tiny screens…

Dell & Tesco bringing Linux to the masses – launching £299 Inspiron Z530 "Web Browser" in October


Tesco selling Dell laptops – a match made in retailer heaven. Only, the thing is, and we’d hate to be the ones breaking this to the poor, confused buyer, the Z530 will be running Linux.

The Z530 is described by Tesco as a “Web Browser” rather than a Laptop, PC, portable computer or any of the more usual terms, so presumably Dell and Tesco are aiming…

Google launching Chrome web browser beta for Windows


Thanks to some over-exuberant staff at Google, the cat’s out of the bag a bit earlier than planned on its new project: Chrome.

From tomorrow, Google will launch a beta version of its new web browser, which it no doubts hope will challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and take chunks out of Firefox’s increasing popularity.

A Windows version will be available in 100 countries (presumably the UK will be one of them), and should be “streamlined and simple”. Features include separating each tab into its own “sandbox” to minimise the risk of web applications crashing the whole browser and provide better protection from malicious code, and a powerful “V8” JavaScript engine to “power the next generation of web applications that aren’t even possible in today’s browsers”…

Apple launches Safari 3.1 "world's fastest browser"


Apple has just released version 3.1 of its Safari web browser, which it claims is the fastest web browser currently available for both Mac and PC.

The claim is that Safari loads web pages 1.9 times faster than IE 7 and 1.7 times faster than Firefox 2, and runs JavaScript up to six times faster than other browsers. It’s also supposed to adhere to the latest in web standards, making it highly compatible with a range of Web 2.0 applications. Added functionality includes new HTML 5 video and audio tags, CSS web fonts and animations…