APP OF THE DAY: Ducktastic (iPhone)

On the face of things, Ducktastic is a pretty standard arcade game for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. You guide a duck on his annual migration flight, eating bugs along the way and avoiding the bullets of hunters out to…

GMail adds themes


There’s a Firefox extension called Better GMail which Gina Trapani from Lifehacker has put together. It’s a compilation of Greasemonkey scripts that enhance various aspects of the service, from its looks to its functionality.

Google has a history of taking the best bits of the extension and adding them officially to GMail, and now they’ve added the popular ‘themes’ functionality. The themes look damn good – there’s giraffes, ninjas, the themes can change over time, or with the weather, and there’s even an old-skool ASCII theme.

The themes will be rolling out across GMail over the next few days. They’re not enabled on my account yet, sadly. Have they shown up on yours? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Official GMail Blog)

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Wallmounted Weather Station with wireless remote sensor: Forecast your own weather

wallmounted_weather_station.jpgIf, like most of the British population, the weather is important to you, and you’d like to have a go at predicting it – or you just want to know how cold it is outside, then the SM1600 wallmounted weather station is for you.

The SM1600 can track many channels of data. It records the maximum and minimum indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, and air pressure. This is used to calculate a comfort factor, which is displayed on several icons. Air pressure is displayed both on a numeric display and on a trend graph.