Avoid getting lost to snow blindness with the ViewRanger "off-road" sat nav

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If you’re feeling a bit “Ray Mears” and are planning on braving the great outdoors despite the chilly weather, you might want to consider taking the ViewRanger “off-raod” sat nav with you.

Running on any S60 Smartphone and now coming pre-installed on the Nokia 5800, the ViewRanger turns your handset into a fully-featured trail navigation system, complete with Ordnance Survey mapping of Great Britain. Routes can be planned and stored in advance of your adventures, or you can download annotated trails whilst on the go, giving you detailed information on your current whereabouts.

The ViewRanger also features a 3D panoramic view, letting you peek around any snow drifts that may have formed during your daring trips to the shops, and can also help you geo-tag your photos and keep track of your speed, altitude and distance travelled.

“Professionals such as Search and Rescue Teams have found ViewRanger robust in field operations and like the fact they only need to carry one versatile device – their mobile phone,” explains Craig Wareham of Augmentra, the company behind ViewRanger.

“They also mentioned how using a phone with an easy-to-grip stylus makes it easy to use the ViewRanger functionality even when wearing gloves, so we decided to offer the software ready installed in the Nokia 5800 to our other customers. The large screen provides a clear, sharp display, and it has advanced microprocessors that guarantee fast map refresh and searching – reducing both the wait and weight!”

Don’t even have to take your gloves off? I should hope not too what with all this snow!

For more info, visit www.viewranger.com

Gerald Lynch
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