TomTom car kit for iPhone

TomTom has introduced a car kit for the iPhone. Compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3GS (running OS 3.0 or later), it features a secure mount to dock the iPhone to the desired position on the car windshield or dashboard.

An adjustable mount securely rotates iPhone to either portrait or landscape mode for optimal positioning and widescreen route display. Voice instructions are provided through the built-in speaker and the integrated microphone and speaker also allow hands-free calling while driving.

TomTom claims that the built-in GPS receiver reduces the chance of signal drop out in areas where GPS reception is limited like cities with tall buildings or forested areas. Additional features include an iPhone charging facility and a facility to play music via the audio output (providing your car stereo has an audio input of course).

If your Sat Nav told you to jump off a cliff, would you do it?


Are you one of those lunatics that spends more time watching the virtual reality of your sat nav’s screen than actually looking at the road? You’re in company. Robert Jones followed instructions from his Sat Nav until half his car was dangling off a cliff.

He only stopped because a wire fence preventing him from getting any further – completely ignoring the fact he was driving down a dirt track three metres wide. The police have charged him with driving without due care and attention, and he describes the incident as a ‘nightmare’.

(via BBC)