Sky looking to take over Tiscali broadband


Not only is Sky spending heavily on advertising at present, hoping to improve upon its recent increase in subscribers, but it could be about to bid a cool £450m for the broadband provider Tiscali.

If Sky’s take-over of Tiscali, with around 1.2m broadband subscribers, is successful it would put its broadband business into third place, behind BT and Virgin Media…

ISPs really not happy about iPlayer, Tiscali wants BBC to foot the service bill!


There’s trouble a-brewing between Auntie and the UKs Internet Service Providers over the recently launched video-on-demand iPlayer service.

iPlayer lets users stream or download recent BBC TV shows as a kind of ‘catch-up’ service. In its first month, the Beeb reports that over 1 million viewers downloaded some 3.5 million program. As you can imagine, this caused a bit of strain on the networks…

Tiscali goes nationwide with broadband TV service

tiscali-tv.jpgDigital TV’s not just about Freeview, Sky or Virgin Media any more. Tiscali has announced that its Tiscali TV service has gone nationwide, and is aiming to sign up half a million users by the end of this year.

The service will offer more than 80 channels, including Sky 1 (that means Lost and 24 – stop weeping Virgin Media customers…). The basic package will cost £19.99 including broadband and a phone line, although sports fans will be able to pay £22 extra a month for Sky’s sports channels too.

UK ISPs send BBC warning about possible bandwidth hogging iPlayer

bbc-iplayer-firstweek.jpgInternet Service Providers in the UK are warning the BBC that the widespread use of its iPlayer service may put too much strain on their networks, and consequently they could place restrictions on their users’ access to it.

Demand for the service certainly seems high, with over 120,000 people signing up to be beta testers in the first week alone.

Yet while it provides great additional exposure for a variety of the BBC’s TV programmes, leading ISPs including BT, Tiscali, and the Carphone Warehouse believe that its soaring popularity will eat heavily into their bandwidth.

Daily Tech Hotlinks for 31-May-07: Tiscali, Firefox, Wi-Fi, iTunes

– Tiscali has admitted it will take at least 10 days to restore their customers’ email addresses to full functionality, after being blacklisted as spam by various ISPs. At least we’ve got Big Brother now to distract us…
– Web browser junkies will be jonesing for the fifth alpha release of Firefox 3 from Mozilla set for release tomorrow, sadly syringes aren’t included.
– Apparently Londoners aren’t interested in free internet and the plethora of potential Bittorrents possible, as only 6,000 people have registered to use the free City of London…