Winter: the survival-horror Wii title that was canned for not being a kid's game


Do you ever wonder why every Wii game takes about ten minutes to play? It’s because long-session, “adult”, games are being denied funding for the console. With very few exceptions (Twilight Princess springs to mind, but there are few others) the console’s games are all short-play affairs that focus on bright colours and cutesie avatars.

Well, IGN has an extensive look at a very promising game called “Winter” that never made it, thanks simply to its more ‘adult’ nature. Despite being a hit with publishers, the sales and marketing departments found the idea of a ‘survival horror’ game on the Wii to be “simply too big a leap for them, regardless of the enthusiastic support of the PD department and the Wii’s total domination in the marketplace.”

IcePhone – concept mobile with triple-flip


This is pinteresting- a concept mobile phone from a company called “The Medical Phone Ltd”. It’s a triple-flip device complete with touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, and a third ‘function panel’. It runs Windows Mobile and features GPS, A 3.1 megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi. It runs Windows Mobile 6.0, and features ‘ctrl-alt-delete’ functionality, appararently, which seems a rather strange feature to highlight.

The IcePhone began life as a medical/survival device, and it still retains some of that functionality. There’s one-button access to call 999, your nearest hospital and your doctor simultaneously. It’ll be available in Thailand ‘soon’, but they reckon they’ll have it out in the UK before May next year. The bad news? It’ll be retailing at £670 or so. Pricy.

IcePhone (via BGR)

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