Boston audio get serious with their Horizon i-DS3 iPod speaker system & wireless sub


I don’t much like iPod docks but I can’t resist high end audio, so I’m going to do the good thing and entirely smother that small voice of hatred inside me by referring to the Boston Horizon i-DS3 as an iPod speaker system. See, no mention of that other four letter word even though it has one on the top and the “i” at the beginning of the product name to indicate that that’s what its sole purpose is.

Fortunately, it becomes less and less dock-like (despite completely being one) the more you find out about it. Now, as nice as the image above is, it’s not the whole picture. I only chose it because it’s red. The real story lies after the jump where you can witness the additional subwoofer…

Mirage intros Nanosat 5.1 wrap-around surround speaker system


Mirage has announced its Nanosat 5.1 home speaker system which uses a patented OMNIPOLAR technology to provide 360° audio, improving the sound wherever the listener is sat in the room.

Each of the five satellite speakers is just 14.9cms high, and they look really smart.

The OMNIPOLAR technology ensures that sound evenly fills the entire room, regardless of where the speakers are placed, and the speakers ensure both music and films sound great…

Kilpsch launches RoomGroove "Zero Grief" wireless multiroom iPod system


Kilpsch has announced its RoomGroove audio system, designed to be used with the iPod, and expandable to cover every room in the home.

The system features horn-loaded tweeters and high quality woofers for accurate sound and rich bass, and can be wirelessly linked together with other RoomGroove units. Each unit acts as a receiver and transmitter, so music from one connected iPod can be sent to different rooms…

Bowers & Wilkins unveils Jaguar XF Premium In-Car Sound System


Following on from their Jaguar XXR audio system, Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled the 14-speaker audio system fitted in the luxurious Jaguar XF.

Engineers from Jaguar and B&W worked in collaboration right from the car’s conception, performing extensive analysis and prototype testing to determine the ideal layout and locations for the speakers. Goal: to develop the best ever audio experience in a car.

B&W technologies included its patented woven-Kevlar diver material, the uniquely textured square-weave cones made from bulletproof material which eliminates standing waves in its midrange and bass drivers, and their metal-dome tweeter transducer.