Kilpsch launches RoomGroove "Zero Grief" wireless multiroom iPod system

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Room_Grove_ipod_jpg.jpgKilpsch has announced its RoomGroove audio system, designed to be used with the iPod, and expandable to cover every room in the home.

The system features horn-loaded tweeters and high quality woofers for accurate sound and rich bass, and can be wirelessly linked together with other RoomGroove units. Each unit acts as a receiver and transmitter, so music from one connected iPod can be sent to different rooms.

It works on the 2.4GHz frequency, and units intelligently switch channels to avoid other devices (such as broadband routers) which use that frequency.

If there are multiple units connected, with more than one iPod in use, then other receiving units can be set to listen to either source. Each unit comes with a remote control unit.

The RoomGroove costs £199 and is available now.

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