Boston audio get serious with their Horizon i-DS3 iPod speaker system & wireless sub

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boston-i-ds3.jpgI don’t much like iPod docks but I can’t resist high end audio, so I’m going to do the good thing and entirely smother that small voice of hatred inside me by referring to the Boston Horizon i-DS3 as an iPod speaker system. See, no mention of that other four letter word even though it has one on the top and the “i” at the beginning of the product name to indicate that that’s what its sole purpose is.

Fortunately, it becomes less and less dock-like (despite completely being one) the more you find out about it. Now, as nice as the image above is, it’s not the whole picture. I only chose it because it’s red. The real story lies after the jump where you can witness the additional subwoofer too. Step this way…

See this is what it’s all about. This is where your £450 goes. You get 100W of built in amp power that apparently gives a rich, warm, room-filling sound, which you’d seriously hope for in a pricey dock. We’ll have to take their word for it until we can get one in.


The sound bar comes with dual 9cm woofers and a pair of 13mm tweeters, and the sub with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter for all your cableless needs. The whole shebang has both S-Video and composite ports on the back so you can plug it all into your telly, or what have you, and watch all your pod vids on something bigger when you get home.

I doubt it’s one for the purists, touting both compressed digital music files and wireless transmission, but certainly a very nice gadget for the demi-wadded. Coming to a shop near you in March.


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