London’s Shoreditch is world’s most expensive tech district

ClubRooms in Shoreditch. Image: According to a survey by estate agent Knight Frank, Shoreditch is now the most expensive tech district in the world, with intense demand for office space pushing rents higher than those in Mid-Market, San Francisco, and almost double those in Brooklyn, New York. The 2018 Global Cities report, which…

PADDED LAMPPOST UPDATE: It was just a shameless PR stunt cooked up by the "hilarious" 118 118 crew

We knew it. We just KNEW IT. Something seemed wrong. Something about this update regarding padded lampposts for the protection of distracted texters seemed too strange. It seemed a little bit too much like the sort of thing the ad agency employed by 118 118 would come up with.

And it was. Bollocks. There’s nothing more sickening than the realisation that you’ve just fallen for a bloody bit of PR. Worst feeling in the world. I haven’t been this upset since Flopsy got run over in 1983.


The 118 118-branded post pads were…

The sensational Smoker Bell for those of you who continue to ignore government health warnings

Poor cool people. They all have to stand out on the pavement like Big Issue sellers in order to enjoy a cigarette these days, getting their hair wet and catching colds while bitching about all the uncool people who are still sitting inside.

But no more! This genius device is an outdoor pod, designed to keep fashionable hairstyles intact even during the most furious winter weather. It even has a little table for putting bottles of fashionable and little-known East European beers on while enjoying taking half an hour of the end of your life.