The sensational Smoker Bell for those of you who continue to ignore government health warnings


Poor cool people. They all have to stand out on the pavement like Big Issue sellers in order to enjoy a cigarette these days, getting their hair wet and catching colds while bitching about all the uncool people who are still sitting inside not developing untreatable forms of cancer.

But no more! This genius device is an outdoor smoker protection pod, designed to keep fashionable hairstyles intact and Silk Cuts alight even during the most furious winter weather. It even has a little table for putting bottles of fashionable and little-known East European beers on while enjoying taking half an hour off the end of your life.


Dreamed up by French architect Florian Brillet (probably pronounced Brill-a), the Smoker Bell doesn’t exist yet – it’s just one of those clever ideas some man has knocked up to give us all something to go “Ooooh!” over for a couple of minutes. Bet he used a Mac to make it on, too.

The Bell comes in beautiful white – and will gradually transform into sickening nicotine-stained yellow after six months of being wheezed into.

(Via Yanko Design)

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