Win a six month video internship at Shiny Media with the LG Video Media Talent Award!!

lgtalentcomp.gifCalling all aspiring journalists, TV presenters, editors and directors! Fancy a shot at being the next Susi Weaser? Perhaps you see yourself controlling the action from behind the camera. Here’s your chance to win a six month internship at Shiny Media as a video presenter or producer.

Not only that, but we’ll take both LG Video Media Talent Award winners on an all-expenses paid trip to mobile conference 3GSM in sunny…

Shiny Review: Buffalo MiniStation Turbo USB External Hard Drive

mturbo.gifIf you haven’t yet invested in an external hard drive, consider the MiniStation Turbo jobbie from Buffalo, which Alex has reviewed here. Does it earn your hard-earned £49.95? Read on below to find out…

There are so many compact external USB hard drives around these days, that it’s hard to differentiate between them. In some cases it’s extra value – a large capacity for a low price – and often it’s just looks, as in the case of the Pininfarina-pimped SimpleTech drives. But Buffalo’s Turbo USB claims to improve transfer speed by up to 64%. That’s compared to a 4200 RPM HDD, but it should also be substantially faster than a similar 5400 RPM HDD.

I was testing the Buffalo shortly after some other standard drives, so was able to run a pretty fair comparison and conduct something more akin to a group test. Most of these had a slightly higher capacity – usually 160GB – than the Buffalo Turbo’s 120GB. But did it really improve on performance?…

DecideIT software helps you make better decisions


If you don’t have a mentor to teach you about risk management the alternative is DecideIT, the software that helps you figure out if you’re doing the rational thing. “It is based on unique algorithms that make it possible to deal with and analyze complex decision-making situations, even in cases where precise information is not available. It is often sufficient to use probabilities, utility values, and weighting in the form of comparisons or intervals, but the tool also informs the user where more resources should be used to obtain a better basis for making a decision.” [GT]

DecideIT [via Gizmag]

How David Beckham can prepare for a possible England recall

beckham5.jpgBeleaguered England coach Steve McLaren has hinted that David Beckham may be coming back to the squad.

McLaren’s quoted as saying he’s been “keeping an eye” on Beckham’s “form” (and with pictures like that, who hasn’t?). So how can our Dave ensure he’s in McLaren’s eyeline? By working the spotlight with an array of handy gadgets, of course.

Want to keep a closer eye on Beckham yourself? Then enter Lost Weekend’s amazing Beckham competition.

Pacemaker's Pocket DJ MP3 player perfect for twatty Nathan Barley types

If ever there was a piece of technology that couldn’t be suited more aptly to Nathan Barley, it’s this – the Pacemaker Pocket DJ MP3 player. Based on the notion that simply listening to your East-London grime on any old MP3 player in its original recording is just not good enough for ‘self-facilitating media nodes’ such as Barley, the 120-GB player features DJ mixing technology internally, where you can cross-fade, add effects plus a bunch of other spiffy pieces…