Pacemaker's Pocket DJ MP3 player perfect for twatty Nathan Barley types

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If ever there was a piece of technology that couldn’t be suited more aptly to Nathan Barley, it’s this – the Pacemaker Pocket DJ MP3 player.

Based on the notion that simply listening to your East-London grime on any old MP3 player in its original recording is just not good enough for ‘self-facilitating media nodes’ such as Barley, the 120-GB player features DJ mixing technology internally, where you can cross-fade, add effects plus a bunch of other spiffy pieces which are bound to annoy the grannies on the No. 26 bus to Shoreditch. Not quite as cool as Barley’s Wasp T12 Speechtool of course – I have doubts as to whether it’s ‘shark-proof’, but as he’d say, ‘it’s well weapon’, and will be released sometime this Autumn.

Pacemaker (via CreateDigitalMusic, thanks Dave!)

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Katherine Hannaford
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