Bookeen CyBook Gen3 – latest epaper reading device


The Bookeen CyBook Gen3 is being described as the thinnet and lightest epaper reading device around. It’s able to store 1000 books, which seems more than enough, but for any exceptionally well-read users, the simple addition of a 2GB memory card allows you to store 10,000, meaning you have a mini-library in your back pocket.

It is able to display PRC, txt, HTML and PDF book formats, and since it copes with JPG, GIF, PNG and MP3 formats as well, it can accurately be described as a rather lightweight multimedia device.

Opinion: Amazon's Kindle won't make E-Books popular but how hard can it be?

Jon_smal.gifJonathan Weinberg writes…

I don’t read as much as I used to, one look at the amount of books in my house is enough evidence to tell that story. Not that I don’t have many, oh no, I’ve got shelves full of novels and non-fiction. It’s just most of them are bought on a whim, and then a few pages in swapped for something else or put down to play the Xbox 360 or check out the telly.

Children too aren’t reading as much as they should. In fact, David Cameron, the Tory leader, is about to announce plans to try and get every
youngster up to speed with their reading by the age of six. It’s a massive failure in any education system when kids can’t pick out enough words to enjoy a story without it being spoken to them…

Sony's new PRS-505 Reader Digital Book will give you weeks of Mills & Boons reading on the train

sony-e-book.jpgManga and other books may be coming to the iPhone via downloadable services from network providers, but for those who don’t plan on forking out over £1,000 for one of Jobs’s little gizmos, Sony may just have the answer you’re looking for.

Sony first launched their Reader Digital Book a year ago this month, and are following it up with a second-gen version, the PRS-505, which will be on sale later this month. Costing $300 from Borders stores and Sony’s website, it will be available in silver and dark blue, able to store up to 160…

Rumour: Sony preparing to launch revamped PRS-505 Reader devices


E-Books. Still not big. But give it time: the publishing industry and technology firms are gradually getting themselves into alignment to give e-books a proper marketing push.

Sony’s Reader device could be at the forefront of that, particularly now it’s getting two new models with more internal storage and tweaked controls. The new models are both called the PRS-505, with one being silver and the other being blue.