13 tech-related product placements in The Bourne Ultimatum

bourneultimatum5.jpg Last night, whilst all the ‘slebs were walking the red carpet in Leicester Square showing off their designer frocks for the premiere of The Bourne Ultimatum, a few of us lucky Shinies got to go to an advance screening with Motorola at the BAFTA down the road. No fancy dresses for us, we all wore jeans. And boy, were we impressed, and I don’t even LIKE Matt Damon. (Said in Team America-esque voice, obviously).

One thing you’ll notice minutes into the film is the blatant product placement – director Paul Greengrass didn’t even try to hide it. Like the good little Tech Digester that I am, I sat there with a pen and paper and scrawled down every techie product placement I saw in the film, whether used by Jason Bourne himself, CIA agents, hit-men, or just billboards seen in shots. If you noticed any more I’ve missed, definitely leave your comments in the field below…

Motorola shows off new, slimmer RAZR 2

motorola_razr_2_mobile_phone.jpgMotorola today presented its 2007 range of mobile devices – presumably the ones that CEO Ed Zander said would be “wickedly cool” – and it includes the RAZR2 that claims cutting-edge innovations in style, design, multimedia, messaging, and communications.

The RAZR2 is 2mm thinner than its predecessor, with seamless casing, vacuum metal finishes, and chemically hardened glass including the largest external display in its class.