CES 2007: Pioneer's cheap-as-chips single CD player lines

pioneer.jpgPerhaps not of interest to us London-dwelling public-transport using folk, those who rely on their cars for transport will be pleased to note that Pioneer, the leaders in in-car audio, have announced a new line of video, navigation, and audio products which will hopefully be affordable for all. Featuring two new audio/video players, 14 car stereos, and a couple of in-dash navigation systems, there’s something that will suit every form of commuter. The new single-CD player lines start at just $100, and work alongside your mobile phone, so when it rings, the stereo will instantly mute, allowing the call to be easily answered. The players have XM/Sirius support on all models, and are compatible with all music devices available, through USB connectivity, Bluetooth compatibility, Direct iPod control, and auxiliary inputs.