Lightbulbs to replace Wi-Fi?


Researchers at the University of Boston have managed to come up with a way of transferring data through lightbulbs. It’s not quite as crazy as it sounds – fiberoptics uses light to transmit data, but in a much more focused way. The researchers propose to use LEDs flickering at imperceptible speeds to communicate with network-enabled devices at speeds of between 1 and 10Mbps.

Although that’s not very fast for video streaming or online gaming, it’s more than enough for an internet enabled fridge, photoframe or printer. Those kinds of devices are the target that these researchers are going after – bringing the digital home one step closer to reality…

CES 2008: ZyXEL debuts first digital media adapter with built-in HomePlug AV

zyxe_logo.jpgWhile WiFi is great for a lot of things, but there are instances where it isn’t the best solution for home networking. Perhaps you live in a palatial mansion that outstrips the range of ordinary WiFi technology, or maybe you live in a drafty Scottish castle with five foot thick walls that completely blocks all your signals. Or maybe every other sod in the near vicinity already has a WiFi router clogging up the airwaves. Whatever. There’s a way around it that works really well called HomePlug AV, which uses your mains sockets to carry your network. The trouble so far has been that you always have to buy a costly set of HomePlug AV adapters – one for each of the devices you want to plug in and one to plug into your router / hub.

Piczo launches Piczo Zone to give users even more artistic license

piczo-zone.jpgPiczo’s always been praised for allowing the creative juices to flow in teenagers, with users able to fully customise their profiles with colours, glitter and all manners of appealing-to-teens pixels. With the launch of Piczo Zone, however, the kids can really turn themselves into 21st-century Van Goghs.

This new feature allows users of the social networking site to share their content which they’ve created across various sites. The creative content designed by the young users can be found by searching the various…