Can I get 5G? Vodafone announces trials in seven cities including London, Birmingham

Vodafone UK has unveiled seven cities that will become 5G test areas, with roll-outs starting between October and December this year. It includes customers in Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester. They form part of the company's investment in building a world-class network infrastructure to support Gigabit UK, a nation where people will enjoy…

Police launching criminal YouTube?

police-video-crimes.jpgManchester police have come over all forward-thinking, launching a new crime submission page that accepts photos and even videos of crimes.

So if you’ve just sat by doing nothing, idly filming a gang of youths mugging a pensioner on your mobile, it’s possible to alleviate your guilt a little bit by sending the footage to the police…

Daily Tech Hotlinks for 18-June-2007: China, Sony, closed captioning, text speak, Blu-ray

– China is blaming the internet for 80% of juvenile crime, including murders, such as the case of the 16year old boy who killed his parents for refusing to give him money to go to a cybercafe.
– Shock! Horror! Sony’s PR department actually does some work, and apologises to The Church of England for the Resistance: Fall of Man business. Next shock: Sony actually releases quality video games!
– Could closed captioning be coming to web videos, for those hard of hearing who simply must watch the video of two otters holding hands?
– The British Goverment…