Vodafone Live Guy: Day 6 – Manchester

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He’s been to the Hacienda, he’s not going to Old Trafford, unless he’s heading to the City of Manchester Stadium, I’m not going to be much help to those trying to hunt Live Guy down today.

Of course, if he’s got any real guts he’ll head on over to Moss Side, in which case I’m sure it’s perfectly acceptable to pistol whip him into submission and take a Dell netbook off him whether he’s ready to give it up or not. Happy hunting.

Live Guy

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Daniel Sung
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  • Ok, so this might not be the best way to do it, but I just have to compliment Daniel Sung on the Deathmatch article written on the iphone vs the blackberry storm. UNBELIEVABLE!!! You had me mesmerized, enthralled, immersed so deeply by your words that I was physically captured in that arena. So intensely drawn into that story through your gifted talent, I feel as if I have just awoke from a dream, so real that my iphone is now alive. It looks at me now in shame, as it seeks a sympathetic aide and an ally, for it must now tend to it’s wounds that run painfully deeper than even it will dare realize. Never have I been so awed by someone’s writing ability as I have been by yours.
    That was the most glorious peice of art I have ever encountered. Thank you for adding some beauty to my day!!!!

    • Heather, thank you ever so much for your very kind words that have moved me far more than mine ever could you.

      Technology Deathmatch is a labour of love for me. It takes much more time to write than anything else I do on Tech Digest and I was saying just a few hours ago how I wonder if it’s worth continuing.

      The only way I can fit it into my schedule is by giving up my Sunday afternoons to get it done and I was sitting here this evening trying to find ways of avoiding starting. But reading your comment was like being flooded with life again; a natural spring renewed. I welled up. Thank you for adding beauty to my day and I’ll do my best to do the same for you again.

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