Samsung's whopping 82-inch LCD TV boasts quad HD, like you need that?


Samsung has shown off its latest big telly, a massive 82-inch LCD TV boasting quad HD technology that gives it a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 — four times the resolution of current high definition TVs. It also has a 120Hz screen refresh rate, pretty impressive for a screen this size, and a LED backlight for improved contrast ratio and black levels.

Should you have a wall big enough to accommodate this monster, bear in mind that no content is commercially available to take advantage of what is effectively 2160p high definition. However, decent 1080p footage should still look pretty spectacular on it…

Up close with the Sony BRAVIA range: Part 4: Sound

Sony has paid just as much attention to how their TVs reproduce audio as they have with how the picture looks.

If you’ve ever complained that actors seem to be mumbling, or that the background music or noise is louder than the dialogue, then Voice Zoom could be a boon. It allows the viewer to boost the frequencies associated with the human voice, making it much easier to follow conversation and narration.

Most BRAVIA TVs feature Dolby’s virtual surround sound technologies, with top-of-the-range sets also having Sony’s exclusive S-Force Front Surround. Both simulate 5.1 channel surround sound from just the two in-built speakers. Paired with this is the BBE VIVA system which enhances fidelity and dialogue in 3D sound, and reduces echo…

Up close with the Sony BRAVIA range: Part 1: Vision

Over the past few years, Sony has built a solid brand behind the BRAVIA name, with 45 TVs in the current range.

In this five part series, we’ll be taking a closer look at the technology behind the badge.

Today, we’re up close with vision, looking at how Sony ensures their BRAVIA sets display the best possible picture.


All of Sony’s current BRAVIA TVs, except for the 15-inch portable set, are HD Ready. That is, they’re able to take and display at least a 720p signal, be that from a broadcast service such as Sky HD or Virgin Media, from a games console such as the PS3, or from a high definition disc such as Blu-ray.