Sony may create HDTV with integrated Blu-ray drive

Blu-ray, HDTV

sony.pngBased on recent comments made by Sony’s president and Electronics CEO, Ryoji Chubachi, the company may soon create high definition LCD TVs with integrated Blu-ray players / burners.

It’s part of their 2008 strategy to increase global market share of all Blu-ray products from 20% (current) to 50%.

Sony must believe there’s a market for these “all-in-one” solutions, though personally I’d rather keep the TV, high definition disc player, and PVR (which could also be built in) as separate units.

No news on when such a TV might arrive, but as it was announced in the context of 2008 market share, it could appear in the next few months.

Sony also plans to release more IT devices with Blu-ray in, which presumably means notebook PCs, internal and external Blu-ray drives.


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Andy Merrett
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