Samsung's whopping 82-inch LCD TV boasts quad HD, like you need that?


samsung_82_inch_quad_hd_lcd_tv.jpgSamsung has shown off its latest big telly, a massive 82-inch LCD TV boasting quad HD technology that gives it a native resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 — four times the resolution of current high definition TVs. It also has a 120Hz screen refresh rate, pretty impressive for a screen this size, and a LED backlight for improved contrast ratio and black levels.

Should you have a wall big enough to accommodate this monster, bear in mind that no content is commercially available to take advantage of what is effectively 2160p high definition. However, decent 1080p footage should still look pretty spectacular on it.

In any case, this kind of display is much more likely to find its way into public spaces rather than the living room, and I’m fairly confident you I couldn’t afford it anyway.

(Via Bit Tech)

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