SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: LG Arena touchscreen mobile


This week is Lucy’s last week at Shiny. She’s moving on to pastures new and video production values high but that still doesn’t quite explain whoever it was that indulged her this nine minute review of the LG Arena.

In Lucy’s favour, it’s a darn good review of this premium touchscreen handset from Korea’s favourite brand and if you’re thinking of buying one then look no further than this most thorough piece of bloggo-jounalism. Take it a away Luce…

I’ve been lucky enough to be walking round with an Arena in my pocket (rather than just being pleased to see you) for the past few days and I’d have to agree with Ms Hedges that there’s plenty for LG to be pleased about.

The trouble is that they’re on the market for £35 per month on an 18 month contract which puts it in a very similar class to the recently reduced iPhone 3G that sits at the same cost but for six months longer. So, the question is, is the Arena as good?

For me, parts of the OS are a little over complicated with too many ways of performing the same operation and the touchscreen isn’t quite as good as the iPhone, although better than the Renoir.

What you do get that Apple doesn’t offer is 5-megapixel camera, video capture, Bluetooth and Dolby surround sound. The FM transmitter is also a nice touch and good dig at all iDevices at the same time, which has to use a variety of poor auxiliary gizmos to play wirelessly through your radio.

What you don’t get with the Arena, though, is the App Store which is probably the most important pull of the iPhone 3G. They’ve laid down a lot of useful bits and pieces but it’s not enough and, sadly, despite it being a very well manufactured handset, I can’t see the Arena really competing.

Having said that, there’s a Phones4U deal over here for £25 per month with 600 minutes and 3,000 texts. Now, for that kind of money, they could be in business.

LG Arena

LG Renoir review:

LG's new flagship multimedia handset – the "Arena" KM900


I’ll admit it’s been a while since I was excited about an LG handset, despite my love for the company’s TFT monitors. This phone might change all that, however – it’s the LG Arena KM900, newly announced in advance of its unveiling at MWC 2009.

The biggest feature of the phone is its use of 3D. It’s got a completely new UI which is based on cubes, providing a number of different home screens. A touchscreen allows you to navigate between them, but from the picture to the right, it looks clearly iPhone-influenced.

The Arena will also have HSDPA, Wi-Fi, and aGPS, but beyond that we don’t know anything more. We’ll be finding out full specs, and hopefully a release date, next week at MWC so stay tuned for that. If you want to be the first to hear, then you might like to follow @techdigestnews on Twitter. Just an idea.

(via Official LG Blog)

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