New Logitech keyboards announced – scroll lock AWOL?

logitech Illuminated keyboard (Small).JPG

Keyboards aren’t the most hyped of peripherals. You don’t get major keynotes with the unveiling of a new keyboard slowing the internet down a little – after all, there is only so much you can do with them: adding any major new functionality, such as a new letter, would require a complete reworking of the English language – and it isn’t quite within, say, Logitech or even Microsoft’s marketing budget to promote the 27th letter of the alphabet and license it to publishers and newspapers to create a “product eco-system”. This isn’t to say keyboards aren’t important though – they’re probably the most mission-critical device in any computer. I’ve used mine a few hundred times just typing this paragraph. So it’s with this in mind that you should pay attention to these new Logitech keyboards.

Logitech has come up with three new keyboards, all of which offer roughly the same functionality of a key for each letter of the alphabet, with most keys offering dual or even triple functionality, freeing up precious desk real estate…

Art Lebedev now working on wireless Optimus Mini 3.0


If it wasn’t for the fact that the ideas were so damn cool, Art Lebedev would be at risk of becoming a laughing stock for its utter failure to deliver the one product (announced in 2005) that started all its hype. There is a bit of a consolation prize in the form of the Optimus mini three – a three buttoned alternative to the proper OLED enabled keyboard we were hoping for – and the Russian designers are now planning to evolve it a bit further by taking it wireless.

CES 2008: WOLFKING reveals MVP series Gamepad and mouse

You can’t argue with a company called WOLFKING. And if you did, your arguments would be rendered utterly pathetic by the overpowering strength of all those caps. WOLFKING is touting its latest mouse / gamepad combo at CES this year. It features updated versions of its TROOPER gaming mouse and WARRIOR pad, which is aimed at PC gamers who don’t want to fill their normal keyboard with dead skin and stale sweat.