CES 2007: Logitech MX3200 Cordless Desktop

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logitech_mx3200.jpgThere was a time when the humble keyboard was a really unexciting gadget – most were a unassuming shade of beige and even having a volume control button, or a browser launcher was a bit outlandish. We’re a long, long way from those days now and Logitech’s latest Cordless Desktop, the MX3200, has packed more functionality into itself than ever before as well as making ready for the Vista era with dedicated search buttons adorning both the mouse and keyboard and a touch sensitive zoom slider bar to let you, you know, zoom in and out and stuff (isn’t that what a mouse wheel does?).

A new addition to the selection of normal media playback controls and browser buttons is a communication console button, which is designed to give you even quicker access to your VoIP calling.

If you haven’t quite mastered the art of touch typing yet and so can’t risk raising your head to the screen every once in a while if, say, you need to find out the time, you’ll be pleased to discover a small LCD at the top of the keyboard, which offers time, date, battery status “and other information”. I’m not sure what other info is going to be offered but there’s potential for some novelty value – how about a type speed gauge or CPU monitor or at least something not offered by your ordinary windows desktop.

The MX3200 also boasts AgION antimicrobial technology designed to reduce the growth of mould, bacteria and mildew inside you keyboard. Ewwww. If, like me you’ve ever ventured forth with a screwdriver to find exactly what lurks beneath your keys, you might agree that Logitech is on to something here.

Finally, the MX3200 is designed to be adjustable to three different angles and has an integrated soft palm rest so can keep the ol’ RSI at bay for a good long while. Oh and rumour has it there’s your traditional QWERTY keys lurking about in there someplace.

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