Get all your voicemail messages on your BlackBerry with Fusion Voicemail Plus


This is one for the business user who has several phone accounts such as a mobile phone, home phone, VoIP and office line. Fusion Voicemail Plus aggregates all voicemail messages onto your handset, and has just become compatible with BlackBerry phones after working on the Windows Mobile operating system for so long now.

All voicemail messages are displayed in a handy colour-coded interface, which detail the caller, time, and which number they actually called. Sadly it’s only in beta at the moment so may be a little buggy for the BlackBerry handsets, however stick with it and it should improve. If you don’t have a BlackBerry…

After years of ignoring Mac users, Logitech launches a Mac-only QuickCam Vision Pro webcam


Are you a frustrated Mac user who’s just dying to use a Logitech webcam with your slinky white machine? Yes, I thought Macs came with integrated webcams too, but it’s a nice gesture from Logitech, who up until now hasn’t actually supported Apple’s operating system.

The QuickCam Vision Pro has a 2.0-megapixel sensor with Carl Zeiss lens, and is compatible with both…

BenQ eyes up the BlackBerry market with their E72 Windows Mobile 6 smartphone


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a BenQ product, but the company has come out in top form with the launch of the E72 smartphone. Running on Windows Mobile 6, it’s aimed at the low-end market.

One attractive feature about the E72 is that it’s the first mobile with an integrated IM client that will allow you to chat on MSN Messenger, Gtalk, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL and Jabber. Whilst it lacks 3G internet capabilities, it does have Wi-Fi for browsing in your local hot-spot, and the usual WM6 programs, such as Outlook email…

Shiny Video Preview: Airremote application for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

Yesterday I had an opportunity to check out the Airremote application that’ll be launching in the App store in July, for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’ll cost $99, or £50, and will act like a universal remote control for your home, allowing you to control your Sky TV service, lighting, iTunes and Kaleidescape systems.

The potential to add more home systems and services to control is definitely there, too – the representative I spoke…

Alcoholicism and audioholism collide with LG's HT762TZR 5.1 audio system


LG is targeting this 5.1 audio system at those of us who enjoy a tipple at any time of the day, and fancy having products name after champagne and red wine.

The HT762TZR has 5.1 channels – but the main appeal, admittedly, is the champagne glass-shaped speakers and red wine colour. Quite Similar to previous audio systems such as the HT953TVP, it has a total power of 700W, plus…