ASUS Eee 1000H reviewed by Laptop Mag, is "least Eee-like Eee yet"


Since the Eee 1000H was first announced by ASUS, many have been left wondering if it really counts as a sub-notebook, or netbook, if you will. At 10″ in size, and $649 in price, it’s not far off a normal sized – and priced – laptop.

If you can forgive ASUS for those two points, you will find yourself with an amazing notebook by the sounds of things, with Laptop Mag claiming it’s “the least Eee-like Eee yet”, however “the most productive”, and that “everything’s gravier than past models, ‘cept the price”. Worth pointing out is that the battery life seems much improved upon, with the reviewer getting 4 hours and 28 minutes when connected to Wi-Fi!…

Amazon Kindle spotted in the wild, being read by The Onion editor of all people!


An Amazon Kindle, spotted in the wild! Can you imagine a rarer specimen being caught on camera? David Attenborough is positively trembling at the thought!

Unfortunately we weren’t the lucky ones to stalk the rare animal down on a barren US subway, with Dan Frommer from Silicon Alley Insider being the lucky shooter. Turns out it wasn’t any ol’ Kindle-using civilian either, it was actually Baratunde Thurston, the Online Editor for The Onion. We’re expecting the metaverse to self-implode at the irony, or at the very least a satire-dripping editorial on the online rag…

Google's finally making money off YouTube, with longer-length videos now allowed


In an attempt to monetise YouTube, their owner Google has decided to allow longer videos to be uploaded to the site, including full-length episodes and films.

Don’t get too carried away looking up the latest Indiana Jones flick just yet, as only selected companies have been allowed to break the current 10-minutes length criteria so far. The recent release of an episode of the TV show The Tudors is an example of what will be uploaded under these new rules, with money obviously swapping hands somewhere along the way…

Drink Starbucks at home with Bosch's Tassimo coffee machine and 'bucks flavoured pods


Is it wrong of me to admit to loving Starbucks? I’ve noticed many of my friends on Facebook have joined various anti-Starbucks groups, so I’m guessing I should probably keep my adoration down to a minimum.

I can’t help but get all hot under the collar though, when reading that Bosch has collaborated with the coffee chain for pods for their Tassimo machine – what a wonderful idea! Just in time for Christmas apparently, they’ll offer Starbucks-flavoured Kenco T capsules, plus the Tassimo…

It's not a secret anymore, with ASUS confirming the Eee Box PC


After months of teasing us with ‘leaked’ photos, ASUS has finally – finally! – confirmed the existence of the Eee Box, although details surrounding the price are still hazy. Rats.

Not exactly the most powerful PC on the block, the Eee Box is definitely the desktop version of their popular Eee PC netbooks. An Intel Atom N270 1.6GHz chip, plus 1GB of DDR2 RAM and an 80GB HDD are all crammed in the slim casing, as well as a Gigabit Ethernet connection and 802.11n Wi-Fi. Before you ask…

Sub-£50 iPod speaker-system-dock-thing from GEAR4 released, BlackBox 24/7


GEAR4 is on a roll of late, launching their fourth iPod docking system in the last month. The BlackBox 24/7, announced today, will join their first BlackBox product, with little discernible differences between the two.

Today’s product can dock, plus play from, your iPod, and has FM radio and an integrated alarm clock. As with most of these plastic boxes, it can wake you up with your choons, otherwise the radio or alarm buzzer. Getting…

"Gadget consumers are arrogant and conceited" claims US survey. Us? Surely not!


Obsessed with gadgets? Can’t stop talking about yourself? Yep, join the club – whoops. Turns out us gadget-lovers are nothing but arrogant consumers, according to new ‘research’ conducted by Nielsen Online.

Admittedly a hefty amount of Americans were polled – 25,000 to be exact – and the results showed consumers of technology were very strong leaders with huge amounts of assertiveness, however were all lacking in modesty. Sarah Welch, a lead researcher at the ad network Mindset Media, which…

Will we get the BlackBerry Bold 9000 on June 25th? The Canadian carrier Rogers is…


The smartphone you’ve all been waiting for – and by ‘you’, I mean ‘me’ – has been given a launch date of June 25th on the Canadian network Rogers.

Originally it was thought the BlackBerry Bold 9000 would be dropping in late July or even early August, however it’s possible that if Rogers is launching the handset on the 25th, it might encourage other carriers to hurry up as well. In the US AT&T has been chosen as the exclusive network…