Shiny Video Preview: Airremote application for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

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Yesterday I had an opportunity to check out the Airremote application that’ll be launching in the App store in July, for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’ll cost $99, or £50, and will act like a universal remote control for your home, allowing you to control your Sky TV service, lighting, iTunes and Kaleidescape systems.

The potential to add more home systems and services to control is definitely there, too – the representative I spoke to said they’d allow for home heating and even blinds or curtains to be controlled at some point. Hopefully they’ll add a patch later on that’ll let you point your iPhone at


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Katherine Hannaford
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One thought on “Shiny Video Preview: Airremote application for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch

  • Very nice but it is about £40 too expensive! Given that you will also have to buy a Global Cache Network box to send the actual IR commands and that will cost you an extra £100 or so.

    If they cut the price to $20 / £10 they will be in with a chance. If they don’t I think that there will be many others out there with apps like this at the sweetspot of $20 or so that will get the business.

    Also the application as it is at the moment is non-user customisable and has no ability to learn other IR codes.

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