Sqish & Sqishoflage – your new satellite dish and the art of disguise

Satellite TV

sqish.jpgThere’s something very Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade about this nifty optical illusion for hiding your satellite receiver.

Technically speaking, the “The Sqish”, as it’s known, refers to the cuboid-shaped alternative to a satellite dish, as seen here, but the Sqishoflagen is the disguising sticker that sits on top of it.

Whatever the case, the standard Sqish looks a hell of a lot better than those nasty, black, mesh frisbees adorning most people’s brickwork and they’re good for receiving from all mid and high-powered satellites, which means you can pick up both Sky and Freesat in the UK.

Should you wish to blend the unit further into your pebbledash or cladding, then you can add the £25 bespoke vinyl sticker to your basic £149 unit. Prices do not include installation but virtually guarantee a smirk.

Sqish (via Yanko Design)

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Daniel Sung
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