Legitimate version of fring comes to iPhone and iPod Touch


fring, the VoIP and instant messaging aggregator software, has now received approval from Apple and is available to download from the App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

A previous beta version, which required a jailbroken iPhone to work, proved extremely popular. Now anyone can get hold of the app that allows them to instant message their contacts on Skype, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM, as well as make cheap calls via a Wi-Fi connection.

Finally, it’s possible to keep in contact with everyone when away from the desktop environment, and all from the single application…

Microsoft studies 30bn instant messages and "proves" six degrees of separation theory


The theory that every human being is separated from anyone else by a maximum of six steps may have gained some ground thanks to a study of some thirty billion instant messages by Microsoft’s researchers.

Studying the addresses of messages sent during June 2006 (yes, two years ago — what, were they reading them as well?), the researchers found that any two people were linked by seven or fewer acquaintances — 6.6 steps to be precise, with over three-quarters of the pairs linkable in seven or fewer steps…

Google Talk on iPhone: nice idea, but constantly resets itself


Google Talk has been made available as a web application for the iPhone, which sounds great if you want an instant messenger client, but in reality doesn’t work particularly well because of the iPhone’s current limitations.

Because it runs in the Safari web browser rather than being a standalone application (they come next week), whenever the user switches to another application, such as Mail or Weather, Google Talk sets the user’s status to “Unavailable” and the session is reset the next time it’s accessed…

Microsoft's Live Messenger goes all Facebook-y


Microsoft has added a new service to its Live Messenger software, allowing users to access a number of Facebook functions directly from their IM client.

It’s all ready to go, and available to all UK users, without needing to download software or switch anything on. Users can update their Facebook status, poke, write on walls, browse photos. and send private messages, without having the hassle of opening up a web browser window, which of course is so difficult and irritating to have to do…