95% of music downloads in 2008 were illegal, says IFPI


The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, or IFPI, is basically an international version of the RIAA and BPI, who claim to act as a trade body for record labels, but seem to only exist in reality to head up the music industry’s anti-piracy campaign. True to that role, last night it released a statement claiming that 95% of music downloads in 2008 were illegal.

However, there’s some bright news for the labels hidden in there too – download sales are up 25% on last year, and now make up a fifth of all recorded music sales. The IFPI reckons that it’s worth £2.5 billion.

We Brits are a bunch of pirates… illegal downloaders, that is

dvd.jpgWith the Government planning to get tough on people who illegally download content from the Internet, a lot of Brits could be in trouble according to a recent survey by MoneySupermarket.com.

Nearly one in five have admitted to downloading illegally from the Internet, while nearly half say they’ve bought illegal discs, and two in ten have offered someone else a pirate disc.

12% of those surveyed were confused as to what exactly constitutes piracy.

Australia remembers British convictism, asks for help dealing with filesharers

Australia has found inspiration in their rich history, where Britain sent convicts over to the Southern land in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and asked the motherland just what to do with those naughty filesharers.

Yes, even people in Australia are downloading music and movies illegally, and they want to take action against these ‘criminals’ and force ISPs to abandon their customers who’re found downloading copyrighted material. Last year 2.8 million Australians downloaded…

P2P site, OiNK, shut down by pigs, sorry, police

oink-pig.jpgOink! Oink! One of the largest sources of illegally-downloaded music, OiNK, has been closed down by the pigs, sorry, British and Dutch police. Oink! Ok, I’ll stop now…

Interpol shut it down in the early hours of this morning, after a chap in Middlesbrough was arrested today on counts of conspiracy to defraud and infringement of copywright law, after leaking 60 massive pre-release albums this year to the members-only site. Due to the popularity of the P2P site, us casual…