Google unleash pedal power trikes to map more


Continuing with it’s relentless campaign of digitization, Google this week unleashed a fleet of “Google trikes.” The camera-laden bikes are designed to access those parts of the undulating European expanses that the google car can’t.

The first places to get the “Google trike” treatment will be three landmarks chosen by the public in a scheme with VisitBritain, if the current tests on the streets of Geneo go to plan.

Justin Reid from VisitBritain said: ‘The new trike will enable us to showcase even more of Britain’s wonderful destinations and we look forward to some great ideas from the public.’

The trike, which weighs a mighty 18 stone or two Theo Walcotts, will be hauled across Europe by ultra-fit Google cyclers.

“Depending on what the public vote for, users will be able to virtually tour castles or monuments before visiting – or check out which side of a football stadium they need to be on before leaving the house,” said a Google spokesman.

But as google oil their trikes chains ready to send them out, whiffs of a backlash were begining to perculate, as angry villagers in Broughton, Cambrighshire blocked a google car from entering their affulent village. The angry mob chased the car with pitch forks and torches – no they didn’t really, but they probably wanted to.

Google Street View car in SENSELESS animal slaughter shock – pictures included

For the love of GOD, won’t someone stop them?

Google’s roaming fleet of privacy-invading world-mapping cars caused a bit of a stir yesterday, when one of the people who spends their every waking hour combing Street View for photos of hookers, drugs deals going down, shootings and sunbathing ladies found this – the moment the Street View car flattened a deer.


You’d think the driver would’ve said something and told his bosses not to upload the pictures, but no. Although the photo has since been removed from the service, to…