Cursor-shaped oven gloves – what's on the menu?


If you’re like me, or Shiny fashion editor Gemma, you spend a lot of time staring at PDFs and Abobe Reader. Who knows, maybe unlike us you actually enjoy it and you want to see the scrolling hand when you get home from work, too.

What you need is the “Clicking” oven mitt, to stop your poor hands getting singed when removing pots and pans from the oven. It’s an authentic, pixellated, cursor hand, and you can bet your bottom dollar that after a week of use it won’t be so shiny white and clean. Even so, it’s bound to pump up your geek cred – and that’s what’s important in the kitchen, right? Right? Here – taste my risotto.

“Coming soon” from Bazar Design (via OhGizmo)

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Apple patents 'winter-friendly' touchscreen gloves


Apple has decided to apply for a patent on a means of using a multi-touch device with gloves. Traditional gloves block the electrical impulses from your skin, meaning that a capacitive touchscreen doesn’t get any signal when your mittened hand touches it.

You might be thinking ‘how can you patent a product that’s already on the market?’, but the difference here is that the fingertips of the unconductive outer layer can be drawn back to reveal a more conductive inner layer. Apple suggests this could be accomplished with an elastic ring.

Apple’s patent application (via AppleInsider)

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TD Tips: Winter Gadgets


Gosh, did you get snow last night? We did. A veritable blizzard of the stuff. In London, too – a “heat island”. It got me thinking – we don’t get a lot of winter gadgets. Tonnes of summer ones, tonnes of Christmas ones, but no winter gadgets.

I sent the Tech Digest team hunting far and wide for the gadgets most useful when the nights draw in, but Dan got lost in the process, and has somehow ended up in the southern hemisphere, so I’m afraid there’s no gadget from him…

Warm up those RSI-ridden hands with a pair of USB heating gloves

usbgloves.jpg It’s bizarrely chilly in these parts of the world, due to those insane floods we’ve been having, so a nice pair of USB gloves is nothing to be laughed at. Even if they do adopt the colour and pattern that your grandfather’s socks are made from.

Starting at just £7.95, these USB gloves will warm you up in no time, and are compatible with anything containing a USB port. Just don’t forget to take them off when you get up to go to the loo, as your whole computer…